It’s an unwrap!

Ok, so I probably won’t make a habit of writing two posts in one day, but my mind is blown.  I am currently watching my stepson watch a YouTube video of a stranger unwrapping a board game.  From what my Google search has thrown up, it seems that the phenomena of “unboxing” started in the tech world.  Tech geeks would film the opening of new devices like smartphones and they would share them with the poor people who hadn’t managed to buy the item the second it came out.

And as if that isn’t tragic enough, my lovely 7 year old is now glued to videos of some odd man unboxing board games, toys and sweets and describing them.  Let me really hammer this point home, he describes what he is showing you in the video.  Just in case, you know, you’re a blind person with terrible taste in YouTube clips.

And this guy (Lucky Penny is his YouTube Channel if this is sparking your interest.  If it is…this blog is not for you.) is thorough.  He is not leaving anything to the imagination, or the glaring on screen obvious.  He is really making sure he describes every single, totally uninteresting detail is covered.  He even has a small model dog that chips in along the way.  Just in case it wasn’t weird enough.

But far from boring the child, these videos are like kiddy heroin.  He cannot get enough.  I think in order to pay the mortgage next year I’ll film him opening the contents of his Santa Sack this Christmas…hell, he could not be any worse at it than this guy!


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