Vision of Violence 

I just wanted to update you all on how things are going for my “perfect family”. 

This week has seen mummy getting punched in the eye so hard by the Mini Dictator that she couldn’t see and had to be driven home. It has also seen mum develop cellulitis and get poorly to the point of appearing drunk. We have built a cot. We have had a loaded shelf fall off the wall in the night. We’ve discovered that the Milk Monster has no interest in sleeping in his cot. We’ve admitted that glue was probably not the best method of securing shelves.

But all in all…we made it through the week and most of the bruises have faded. I have also regained vision.

And in fantastic news…the laptop is fixed and I’m hoping to be reunited with it soon. So hopefully that will result in a more regular blog. Assuming the Sleep Thief allows it…


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