Wet Wednesday

8am in Silver Family HQ. I’ve already been elbowed in the boob, kicked in the face and peed on. Today is going to be a wonderful day.

Midi Silver is distraught as he can’t get the Sky box to work, and a morning without Disney XD is just too awful to consider. 

Mini Milk is gurgling on the bed, just next to the giant patch of wee he created. His hand gestured and face arrangement suggests he’s attempting a poo. And not before time. Yesterday was poo free. And there’s nothing you get more obsessed with as a parent than bowel movements. 

Daddio is fashioning breakfast with his eyes half closed. He’s making extra bad dad jokes as he does which demonstrates his tiredness. 

And I am sitting on the edge of the bed. Carefully considering my life choices and trying to calculate if it’s worth letting Daddio bring my breakfast through to me in the war torn and peed on bed. It’s the sort of life choice I’m not prepared to make on so little sleep.

Chances are by the time I’ve decided my coffee will be cold, the Tiny Tyrant will have shat and the choice will no longer be mine…

Happy Wednesday One and All!


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