Money for nothing

I have just read an article about a young woman in China who had 20 boyfriends.  She asked each boyfriend to buy her the latest iPhone, and they all did.  She then sold all 20 of them (iPhones, not boyfriends) to the Chinese version of Cash Converters and got over £700 for each one.  She raised over £14k from her scheme and used the money to put a deposit down on her first home.

This story has taken Chinese Social Media by storm and has divided the nation.  With some people admiring her, while others feel her behavior is disgusting.  For me, it’s not one thing of the other.  You see, I have quite a lot of admiration for this girl.  For a start she managed to juggle 20 boyfriends.  As Daddio will tell you, I can barely dedicate time to one.  She certainly must have been a whiz at organisation and must also possess one hell of a memory.  I would have to date 20 guys with the same name to even begin to pull this off.

And once she’d mastered all their names, she would still (presumably) have to see them all.  Now, this weekend I had 2 social engagements.  I made it to only one of them.  Late.  Having had to cobble a Halloween costume together in the hour between football practice and the party starting.  The idea of managing to fulfill in excess of 20 dates per week is simply ridiculous.  particularly if you are talking about making sure that these are good dates.  The kind of dates that make a guy want to buy you an expensive phone.  And considering I’ve been dating for nearly 20 years and I’ve received exactly zero iPhones, I’d say she was some sort of genius in the dating department.  (We will ignore the fact that for a great deal of my dating career iPhones didn’t exist.)

So, she found and successfully dated 20 men at the same time.  And, it was a short space of time all together, as we are talking about the iPhone 7 here, which was only launched in September this year.  So it’s not like she convinced 20 consecutive boyfriends to buy her these phones, she had her fingers in all the iPhone buying pies at once.  She also managed to get all 20 of these men to buy her a phone which was worth £700 where she lived.  She also hatched this plan, put it into action and actually succeeded.  In a way, this girl is totally amazing.

However, she was far from honest with the boyfriends.  Or, I’m assuming she wasn’t honest, I doubt they knew they had 19 counterparts.  I also assume that she said she wanted the phone, not the cash value of the phone.  But, part of me thinks that these particular 20 men may well have given her that instead, had she been open about it.  She also allowed her story to be published on Social Media, so there is no hope of the men being blissfully unaware of her antics.  So for those things, she is totally awful.

But, as I said, she deserves some credit for the amount of work she put in.  If you were to break the £700 down into an hourly rate, she is certainly not as well paid as a footballer, and it could be argued that she worked harder.  She also had no other way of affording the deposit on a house, so she wasn’t doing it to get rich, so much as achieve a goal.  And it is to her credit that she didn’t find one rich man and take him for the full £14k…no, she spread her dishonesty and only cost each man £700.  Which again, is sort of better than some of the other options.

Now, while I am not about to take up professional dating (I’m sure Daddio will be relieved to hear this), I do think that there is something we can all take from this.  You see, she had a bit of a look at her life and said “I can’t fix this myself.  What I need are some investors.”  Sadly she decided not to actually tell her investors what they were investing in, or that they were investing at all.  But, they did willingly contribute.

So, on that note, I’d like a bigger house.  I’m not willing to go through the rigmarole of dating umpteen men.  Nor can I be bothered with selling unwanted gifts on Facebook Classifieds.  No, I’d simply like the cash please.  Lots of it.  Because my children deserve bigger bedrooms and space to learn to walk in.  And somewhere to store their many, many things.  Not to mention the fact that the eldest said he’d really like a balcony earlier today, and really, we just can’t provide him with one without investment.

So yes, Go Fund Me.  Or rather, go fund my extension please.  Because I’d never ask you to buy me a phone unless I really needed one…



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