Blissful blogging

Time ticks away all too quickly these days. I seem to have woken up in the middle of January and I haven’t even blogged about Christmas yet. Before I’ve had the chance to ponder over the ungrateful nature of the “youth of today” the Middle Silver has already tired of the majority of Santa’s offerings. Although, to be fair we didn’t make it out of December before he was bored and had “nothing to play with.” Luckily, the Littlest Silver still can’t talk, so I continue to bore him with the same crap I did a month ago. 

Unfortunately, the Milk Man has taken a liking to “whatever mummy is eating” and a total distaste for “the healthy shit you spent all day cooking”. I maybe paraphrasing a little…but his eyes definitely swore at me. He has also learnt to crawl. And stand. And generally be on his way towards the BIG TWELVE MONTHS. It’s a scary time. The crawling bit which everyone warns you will “keep you on your toes” actually keeps you on your knees 90 percent of the time. Sometimes following them round. Sometimes picking up what they’ve found and destroyed. Sometimes praying to a God that you don’t believe in that they might nap a while this afternoon so you can actually stop moving for 10 minutes. It’s an incredible, awe filled, exhausting and monstrous time in a mother’s life.

But thankfully, even if the most monstrous and tiring of days, I have Daddio. He is just as incredible and exhausting at times. But he’s also the greatest tonic for a gal at the end of her tether after a long day mumming.

Right now I am blogging in the bath he just ran me while I listen to music. He is unpacking shopping while the boys are running rings around him. I can nearly hear Midi Silver asking for the things I refused him earlier…well…I could if I didn’t have P!nk playing loudly enough to make it abundantly clear that I dont want to know…

I’m a lucky woman. And I take my hat off to those who are going it alone…or don’t think I’d manage a week. And I hope I never have to.

Anyway…back to bath time bliss. And a wee promise to myself that I’ll blog more often than I get to have a bath in peace…


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