I don’t like Mondays 

It’s Monday morning and realisation has hit. This is one of the last three Monday mornings before Mondays are back to being Mondayish. Only two more Monday mornings spent snuggling a Milk Junkie under a blanket while catching up on Call the Midwife. Only two more Sundays feeling smug that Monday doesn’t cause me any more problems than Friday does. Only 21 days until I’m back at work.

For the record, I love my job. I love my colleagues. I love the families I meet through my work. What I don’t love so far, is being away from the Managing Director of my personal life, my Littlest Man and Hardest Taskmaster. So far, as we approach his first birthday faster than a toddler holding something their not allowed, I have never left him for longer than three hours. And while my working days will hopefully only be about four hours long, I worry how that’s going to be possible. 

You see, it’s not that I worry for His Lordship. He will be in the very capable and loving hands of his Daddio. And, by the time he’s had breakfast, a nap and some lunch, I’ll be back to serve him again. But me? I’ll be a mess. There will be no snuggles, kisses, toothy dribbling grins. No one will tug at my trousers as I go about my day. There will be a total pack of raspberry blowing. No body will cry for my attention or throw food on the floor. Well, not unless the staff have had a really bad day.

I’m a total sap. It makes me actually cry to think about leaving him. I love the long days of Mumming, no matter how much of them are spent tearing my hair out. It’s the very best job I’ve ever had and I feel so sad that I have to now only do it part time. 

But, I have been told that you get breaks at work. And hot tea. And conversation where nobody cares what the Twirlywoos have been up to, or what the pig says. Which does sound quite interesting. Apparently I will also be allowed to carry out tasks using two hands. And perhaps even go to the bathroom alone. In fact…I’m sure I read somewhere that I have rights in the workplace. Which does sound fun…

So maybe it won’t be that bad. Maybe I can just snuggle a comfort toy at my desk when no one is looking. And maybe a nice hot cuppa and a chat at coffee time will go some way to make up for missing a few hours a day of Mumming. Well…maybe if there’s cake with the cuppa…


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